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My mobile personal training services and qualifications

I am a Personal Trainer with over 30 years experience training individuals in health and fitness. Whilst I do have qualifications; training and helping different individuals over the years is my most worthy qualification.  I have learnt more with hands on 1-2-1 training than anything I could have achieved from a text book.

Having worked and trained in the gym environment for lots of years I have helped people lose weight and some even gain weight (if required). I have become skilled in many other areas such as corrective exercise, kettlebells, TRX, bodyweight training, sandbags, medicine balls and boxing pad work. I also have a keen interest in nutrition, this is paramount to your transformation, so I can offer you sound nutritional advice too.

Being a runner, cyclist and footballer and having trained people on weight loss challenges for ironman competitions and triathlons, I believe I have all the qualifications and qualities to help you whatever goal you have.

Whilst all of the above has helped with my learning, I get my greatest fulfillment from helping individuals lose weight and move better, giving them a new zest and vigour for life.

My services are offered on a mobile basis, where I bring everything to you, I’d even bring the kitchen sink if I had to. All you have to provide is your body and commitment.