What is chair massage


Chair massage is a style of seated massage that is typically short (10 or 15 minutes) and focuses on your back, shoulders, neck and arms. Chair massage is carried out over clothes and doesn't require any massage oil.


For chair massage you are seated in a special chair with your face resting in a cradle, looking down towards the floor, with supports for your arms. Your back and neck completely relax while the therapist relieves muscle tension using Swedish massage moves like kneading, compression and tapotement, which don't require oil.



Who can benefit from chair massage?


People of all ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes can benefit from chair massage. We will discuss any specific concerns you might have before beginning and can address these in the treatment. You the client dictates their own pace, intensity and length of massage and can ask me to focus on, or avoid, particular areas.


For people with pre-existing health issues, chair massage can speed up and improve the recovery process. Seated chair massage has been successfully used to treat those who have suffered everything from sports injuries to stroke, hypertension to migraine. There are very few complaints that cannot benefit from the tailor-made therapy that chair massage can offer.


Call me for a consultation if you think chair massage could benefit you.