Client reviews and feedback

Feedback and reviews from true clients are extremely important to me and they should be to you too, as what others say will be your benchmark for judging me as a your potential trainer.

I always use the honest feedback I receive to refine my style and services to meet the needs of my clients, so if you have used any of my services then please keep your comments coming.

Here's the 5* reviews I have received on google (feel free to head over to google and check them out for yourself):

Jason Shaw

I've had one on one fitness training with Richard for a few months now and results are superb having lost nearly 2 stone and looking ripped.

Fiona Mortimer

I was dubious about engaging a personal trainer, as I have never enjoyed the gym and I had visions of a sergeant major character yelling orders at me. How wrong could I be! Richard took the time to find out about my particular back problem and researched extensively to design an exercise programme that would stretch my physically, but without further injury. Every week the workout is different, so no chance of getting bored. I'm learning more about what I can do myself between sessions and I am much more confident in what I can do. Richard is very personable, funny and gets genuinely excited when I manage to do the exercises he has designed for me. His enthusiasm is infectious, and very motivating! Above all, he monitors each exercise closely to ensure my technique is correct and I get maximum benefit for my efforts without irritating my back. I would highly recommend Richard, whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or a 64 year old sceptical beginner like me.

Anita Jenkins

By far the best PT. Richard is very passionate and knowledgeable about training and his enthusiasm is infectious. The past 8 weeks of training have been great with clear physical and mental health improvement. A big thank you Richard for all your help and support.

Jason Stoney

This man is amazing! His knowledge and enthusiasm is first class. He tailors YOUR programme to YOUR personal needs! If you want to train at home. Use him! He will change the way you look at training!

Sue Dracup

I started training with Richard over a year ago before the first lockdown. We trained a few times in person then online for a while. I can honestly say i never thought i'd enjoy exercise as much. I 've never been much of a gym person and have yo yo dieted for years with no lasting success. What Richard has shown me is how to lose weight without even dieting just by being more careful with my food choices and also how exercising can be fun. We train hard but have a laugh. He loves what he does and will do anything for you to help you achieve your goal. I've even converted my garage into a mini gym, this is how much influence Richard's training has had on me. I'm looking forward to reaching my next fitness goal with him now.

Rachel Butler

I’ve been training with Richard for 9 weeks online and I’ve been so encouraged by the difference I can see already. Richard always prepares a great workout that challenges me, I’m doing more now than I could 9 weeks ago and I know with his help I’ll continue to make progress. He is so passionate and knowledgeable I’m learning loads as well as feeling stronger and healthier.

Keira Carney

Creative, personalised, and a real encouragement. I have been training with Richard for 9 months. I used to be quite active but had never been a gym person. I started with 6 week session. After seeing a change in my posture, fitness and body (complete change seeing muscles i had never seen!) I couldn't stop! Every session is different, he is always coming up with something new. Ive also learnt so much about how my body is changing and how to make the most out of each muscle. Apart from my fitness its just a great hour where I laugh, chat and end feeling surprised and proud of myself. Richard gives all the help and encouragement relating to diet and sets me challenges each week. He goes above and beyond, he loves what he does and it quickly makes you love fitness and challenging yourself.


Joanne Mitchell


I've been training 1-1 live on facetime with Richard. I was a bit sceptical at first as we had never met and I had minimum equipment; resistance band, 2 weights and a squat band.  After 4 weeks I have lost 5lb, toned up and feel great. I would highly recommend Richard and the 1-1 facetime, especially at this hard time. GET FIT IN LOCKDOWN.


Listers Health

Richard is from a rare breed of personal trainers who is truly passionate about transforming your body and mind. He has decades of experience in this field and this comes through in his training and explanation of the journey he is taking you through. I certainly would consider him to be one of the best personal trainers in the region. He pushes you hard and the energy he brings to each session motivates you into pushing further and pushing boundaries. I dreamed of finding my own Mr Miyagi since being a child. Richard you are better than Mr Miyagi...Serious results within weeks of training with you.

Mandy Johnston

I've been training with Richard since October 2019 and I can honestly say that I've never enjoyed training as much and I've had a go at most including gyms, Zumba, aerobics etc. Each session is different so it never gets boring and if an exercise is too hard or easy he changes it there and then. He adapts to you but pushes you that bit further.

Having lost weight I needed to tighten up and become stronger and in the short time we have been working together I can already see and feel the difference. I can highly recommend Richard, apart from the training, he teaches you about diet and what the different muscle groups should be doing, but most of all the sessions are fun and he's a pleasure to train with. He wants you to reach your goals nearly as much as you do, he's absolutely passionate about good food and fitness and that shows in every session, but without the need to stop you having a treat every so often.  What more can you ask for? 

Anne Richardson

Thank you so much for all you help Richard. As a 60 year old who has never exercised before you have made me feel comfortable and fitter than I have for a long time. I am starting to see lots of changes in my body and look forward to increasing to two training sessions a week very soon. An excellent Personal Trainer and so motivational.


Chloe Morley - mid 20's

First and foremost, thank you Richard! Not only for increasing my knowledge of fitness but for making me feel more confident than ever.
After years of neglecting my body, I decided to make some changes (this was back in January 2018). I didn’t think I had it in me to enjoy exercise and be consistent with it. Thankfully, a friend of mine recommended Richard to me.

Richard has been my personal trainer and gym program writer for over a year now. I like to change things up and Richard is able to accommodate this; each session he has a new exercise for me to try. I’m knowledgeable enough now to train myself, however, I still like to have sessions with Richard because he gives me that extra push. It is clear that Richard genuinely wants to help me become stronger, healthier and more confident. He is honest, reliable and has the perfect balance between professionalism and fun.

Fast forward just over a year, I’m training 5/6 days a week, have a great relationship with food and I can go clothes shopping without having to think ‘I’m too chubby to pull that off!’. Thanks again Richard!


Jonathan Mulvey

I've been lifting heavy weights for over 10 years. I came to a point where my strength wasn't really changing much anymore. Richard has educated me how to train smart and efficient to achieve your goals. Not only has my strength has improved but aesthetically I have changed for the better. My body changed dramatically over the course of 23 weeks by gaining 23lbs (this was my goal) and still seeing abs. He's an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to training.

Nicola May - late 40's


I got in touch with Richard in September 2018 as l was feeling very body un-confident and that l needed a push to help me. I still now train with Richard twice a week and l have to say l am super impressed with the way my body has changed. I have lost inches from my waist and chest and the usual "back fat" ladies of a certain again can gain has almost completely gone.

Each session with Richard is different and he can tailor this to your specific needs - there is no hiding whilst he is training you so he ensures you are doing every exercise correctly whilst pushing you to achieve your goals. He is friendly and helpful and genuinely wants to help you achieve the body you want. He has a wealth of knowledge both in fitness and diet and can help with your food choices too!
I would highly recommend Richard.


Suzanne B


I've been training with Richard at home twice a week for around 6 months. I've lost weight and a couple of dress sizes. My self confidence has improved so much because of him. His training is hard but fun too, he's got a fantastic sense of humour and is so passionate and knowledgeable about what he does. It took me years to pluck up the courage to get a trainer. I'm so glad i chose Richard!

Julie C - late 40's


After two pregnancies in my forties and struggling to regain my pre pregnancy body, I decided I need some additional help.

I’ve always been active and swim 2-3 times a week but it wasn’t cutting it any more. Following a recommendation from a friend who had trained with Richard I decided to give it a go and signed up to his 6 week deal, training twice a week.

6 weeks in I have lost a dress size and couldn’t be happier, I am definitely booking more sessions. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed training, Richard is motivational and encouraged me all the way.


Jason S

I was constantly injured and demotivated in the gym, Richard then got involved.  He looked at my workout and realised my workout was causing my injuries!! He showed me a totally different way to train, his workouts are tailor made to the individual. Since his intervention my posture has improved, I've no ongoing injuries and my motivation is back.  Cheers Richard, thank you!

Mark 44


I love my cycling but wanted a bit more power, saw Richard for  a month twice a week. I go up hills now without leaving the saddle and my core strength is unbelievable. I wanted to continue training with him, but he said I knew what to do now and if I needed any more advice just to give him a call, an honest guy at last