Why do I enjoy training the over 40's?

Because I can relate to you. I have worked a full time job, brought up 2 children and I totally understand the difficulty you have finding time for yourself. With our modern-day hectic lifestyles our health and fitness usually takes a back seat, as we concentrate more on general day to day life.  


But those nagging injuries don't seem to get any better; aching back, sore neck, shoulder and knees. Then the excuses start, why we've put on a bit of weight. You no doubt try to justify the odd glass of wine a night, which used to be just on a weekend and don’t forget that diet you're going to start next week.  This is why I focus a lot of my work helping individuals like you, aged 40 plus, to get their health, fitness and nutrition back on track. 


Is this possible you ask, when you've tried every exercise fad and diet out there already. Absolutely, I did it!  Now coach clients age 40 plus to improve their quality of life, to become stronger, more flexible and more mobile. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never lifted a dumbbell, if you've never exercised before, don’t feel you are flexible enough for yoga or whether you’re a yo yo dieter.  It really is never too late. I have helped lots of individuals feel fantastic about themselves when they'd given up. I know 100% I can help you too.

So you’ve reached your 40’s (or beyond) had an injury, a health setback or just the simple act of age is taking its toll, leaving you thinking you have to slow down or sit on the sidelines. If this resonates with you, let me help you challenge that notion and not let age or the way your body feels today define you.  I don't use the cookie cutter one size fits all approach to your health, you are the unique you.

My coaching method consists of motivation and education through exercise with fun and laughter.  What’s even better is you have no excuse, as I bring the gym to you.  Getting back on track is way simpler than we make it. Don't leave it any, longer there is nothing more important in our lives than our health.

I'm not a newly qualified 20 something trainer who claims they know how you feel. I've not only got the life experience but also over 30 years of personal and professional one to one training experience behind me.

What have you to lose? Get in touch and arrange a free consultation/chat and taster session.