What I have learnt through 30 years of training


What I've learnt so far about training along with the important and not so important things.

In order of what I believe to be of the most importance.  Diet, training (with adequate muscular stimulus) rest, recovery, sleep, diet, diet, diet, diet; oh and all to be done consistently.

Is there a quick fix to gaining muscle naturally? The answer is no. If you want a quick fix, muscle building is certainly not for you. The minority of you will know this, the rest are just naïve. So no, there isn't a quick fix, it just takes a bit of time.

Make your training specific to you not your mate! This is a must; we all have different strengths and weaknesses. You and your mate have too.

If you are making progress with a program, don't stop or change the process. So many people program hop before they've even given the program they are on enough time to see the results. Carry on with the program for at least 3 months or until you are not making progress. Simple!

Never overload a faulty movement pattern; it only took me 20 years of training to heed this advice, so please let me save you those 20 years. NEVER overload a faulty movement pattern or be warned, injury beckons, I promise you that. Master your own bodyweight and its movement potential first, before adding weight. But I’m guessing you won't, you will know better, just like I did.

Building the foundation with correct lifting techniques early on will lead to success as well as minimising the risk of injury later on.  There is no bigger fact than this, so read it, let it sink in and remember it.  I've learnt too late by my mistakes, this is for you who still has time to learn.

Because no matter what, if you pick heavy things up and put heavy things down somewhere along the line you will get injured. Do things progressively, carefully and correctly (not for your ego or because your mate has just lifted it). Lift things right, for you, know your body and it's limitations, we all like to compete, just don’t do it in every workout. This will minimise risk of injury.

Warm up before each workout. How many of you walk straight into the gym, put weight on the bar then start lifting. Maybe you are guilty of doing those warm ups where you swing your arms around your body. Let me tell you this, they are doing jack all to warm you up and prepare you for that 100kg bench. So warm the body, warm the muscles you are going to be using, mobilise your joints properly before you put yourself underneath a bar.

This advice is of more importance the older you get. So do it.


Workouts shouldn't be random with no rhyme or reason. Results are gained through progression, consistency and hard work within your individual program; which you are going to stick to for a few months.

Don't listen to the ‘know it at’ all at the gym; with his steroid physique and razor back skinny vest on. What I've learnt is the facts and the fact is the more we know, the more we know we don't know. If you want knowledge look for the genuine person who's been in the trenches (not him with the muscle vest)  but him who looks the part and is still doing it at 50.. oh that's me!!! 

These are just a few simple tips you will hopefully take advice from. If not give me a call for some injury rehab advice.