Fit family home bootcamp


Do you know what the best form of fitness for kids is?  Exercising with you, their parents. In fact it is also one of the best forms of exercise for you as well.


The best way to get fit and spend more time together as a family is to put the two together. Every morning we get up, get dressed, then it's breakfast, work or school; no talking just the rushing around to prepare ourselves for daily life. 

In an evening everyone's in separate rooms, we very rarely eat at the same time and all watch different things on television. The kids have their heads in their phones, you've got your glass of wine, while the other half is slouched on the settee.


So, as you are all under the same roof there is no excuse for an hour or so each week for family bonding and exercise time!


It’s easy (well it starts off easy) it's in the comfort of your home and everyone takes part, even the dog will probably want to join in.


It is fun, invigorating and also very rewarding. You have no excuse really, especially as I'll be there to motivate you. Although proving to the kids 'you've still got it' should be motivating enough.


Whether it's in the garage, the living room (or weather permitting) the garden; a Bodyworks family fitness home bootcamp session not only gets you all together for some quality family time, but gets the blood pumping and heart pounding and you don't have to travel to do it.


I will bring the equipment (or utilise what is available) to make a full body circuit that will melt away those protruding bits. If you fancy giving it a go then call me.