If your goal is fat loss


Breakfast.... is it really that important?


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; or so we were are told. It will make you a healthy, happy, lean, energetic sex and training machine because it kickstarts your metabolism and gets your day off to the best possible start by providing the human rocket fuel called carbs.


To me it's just a time for people to put extra calories in their mouths and the fact that we've been asleep for 8 hours so our bodies must need food. But do we really?


Is breakfast the key to our daily energy success? It must be, it's backed up by all the anecdotal evidence and theoretical logic in the world. If you haven’t eaten anything all night your body is starving and it’s going to need food, right? If you eat a lot of food in the morning, your metabolism turns on early in the day and you’ll be able to burn off whatever you eat and since your brain functions better with carbs, downing a low-fat, high-carb breakfast cereal will make you smarter and help you function better at work and school and will keep you going all the way till lunch.


I've not eaten breakfast for 3 years now and can honestly say my energy levels and focus have improved dramatically. Do we actually eat breakfast because we really need it?  Why are we really that hungry; are we really hungry or is breakfast just a habit? After all why do we have to replace lost energy, we've been asleep for 8 hours. Or, is it the fact that we've been poisoned with the myth over time and are just conforming with the masses that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that we desperately need it to kick start our metabolism.


I now know we don't and this is why we do not need a carb fuelled breakfast.














When we wake up in the morning, our body is primed to start burning fat before we eat, and cortisol is a key part of this process. At this point, our body is operating in the absence of both carbs and insulin and when there’s no insulin around, cortisol (cortisol is our stress hormone and it is catabolic)..but,it doesn’t go after our muscle. See, the term catabolic doesn’t cover strictly muscle. It simply refers to the tearing down of more complex tissue in the body for a different use. When acting without insulin, cortisol triggers the breakdown of triglycerides into free-fatty acids (FFAs) for metabolization, a process known as lipolysis. In other words, without insulin, cortisol is an incredibly effective fat burner. So don't eat that high carb breakfast and prevent this process and let your body

continue blasting away more fat.


Our bodies also have a hormone called grehlin which is our hormone that incites hunger. This also elevates throughout the night which could be the reason a lot of us wake up hungry. Grehlin also releases our growth hormone and as this happens our  growth hormone levels increase, our body releases more fat to be burned as fuel and decreases the destruction of protein for use as fuel. When we don’t eat carbs at breakfast (or more specifically don’t spike insulin levels which is what carbohydrates do) our growth hormones continue to increase for approximately 2 hours after waking.


So, basically during the first few hours after waking our bodies are fat burning machines, so why stop this process with a carbohydrate rich breakie.This is also why cardio based exercise can be more beneficial if done on an empty stomach, this process also causes up regulation of enzymes crucial for fat burning allowing fat to be metabolized faster.


So most of us get up in the morning and consume on average 30g of carbohydrates in our breakfast which in turn straight away raises our insulin levels with the rise in blood sugar, this starts us on a downward spiral. This early-morning release of insulin vastly reduces fat burning for the remainder of the day which is a big problem because our morning cortisol levels remain high. As a result, this insulin release causes new empty fat cells to be created, lowering our levels of ghrelin and growth hormone. In other words, by eating breakfast, we are essentially wreaking havoc on all the positive things that happen when we wake up.


If we hold off breakfast for a while and give our cortisol and hormone levels time to come down on their own (a process which takes a few hours) we can let the fat burning continue. Not eating carbs at breakfast as soon  as we wake up is a no brainer to me. Now that you know why you shouldn’t eat carbs early in the morning, you’re probably asking yourself what you can eat for breakfast. Well why not make it protein-rich consisting of hard boiled eggs, nuts and seeds, lean beef, bacon, cottage cheese, yogurt, ricotta, tofu, or protein shakes. Lean meat is carbohydrate-free and contains lots of protein.


Also a high-protein breakfast will keep you full longer and increase your metabolic rate, which will cause your body to burn more calories throughout the day.


There has been lots of studies with regards to the need for breakfasts and specifically carbohydrate ladened ones. Believe me, if fat loss is your goal yet you still want a breakfast, go protein rich and avoid the carbs.


I've tried it and it worked for me, I know we are all individual and what works for one might not for another but who'll know without trying. So why not try a protein high breakfast for 30 days and see how you get on.



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