Why a mobile fitness coach?

There are several benefits you will get with working with me as your mobile training expert that you can't get when you decide to join a gym.


Continue reading to find out the many advantages of hiring me to come to you.


No need for a home gym


One of the notions that most people have is that when you decide to hire a mobile trainer that you should have your own home gym. This is not true, because I bring along all the equipment depending on the type of workout you are doing on a particular day. The workouts you are performing are designed to fit your specific needs. My programmes are not cooker cutter one size like mainstream gyms. They are designed individual to you, the amount of space you have and of course to your personal fitness level.


I will provide all the necessary equipment we need.




High level convenience is another advantage you enjoy when working with me. Me coming to your home saves you time and other hassles involved if you have to go to a gym to train.  Maybe you work from home and have a free hour in the day.  You have a baby or toddler that needs your attention, so going to the gym is out of the question.


You are intimidated by the gym environment or just don’t like it.


You also don't have to worry about finding the gym full and having to wait for specific equipment to be free. You don't have to worry about crowding, noise, poor climate control, since you are the one in charge of your environment. You can opt to train outside your house in your garden or wherever you want. Of course the main advantage is that I will always come when you are free.


You will also be amazed how little space you need to train in.


I bring enthusiasm, motivation and over 30 years of training knowledge and experience right to your front door.


Privacy guaranteed


Your privacy is crucial when it comes to exercising. People have different needs as they train, meaning there are certain exercises that you might not want to do in public.


For instance, you might not feel comfortable performing lunges and sit ups in front of other participants in the gym. The gym might also be filled with people who are not of your age or class. Besides, you might feel shy since you don't know how to use some of the equipment. In such cases, working out at home is the best option for you. I'll ensure that you enjoy the level of privacy you need. At home you can do all the exercises you want since there is no one else in your way. If you are out of shape and recovering from a certain injury, exercising in your own private place is the best way to achieve what you want fast.


My aim is to give you confidence in exercising, get you moving safely and correctly. Ultimately helping health and fitness become part of your lifestyle.




I'll help you enjoy high level flexibility in your workout regime. Besides that I will be coming to your home to help you do the workouts.  You don't have to sign up for costly memberships and put up with hassles involved in working out in the gym. It is also worth noting that when you sign up for a gym, you might not get the real value for the money you have paid. However, when you work with me, I come to your home for the specific hours that you have agreed. Therefore, you get precisely what you have paid for and more.




Personalised attention


Getting personalised attention as you train is critical in helping realise your goals. Unlike in the gym where the trainer has divided attention because of the high number of participants, in your home, my focus is solely on you. There are no interruptions and delays that occur in a gym.


I offer you fully customised training routines and as the routine is designed specifically for you, you are held accountable to it. You won't want to skip a workout session when you are seeing results, you'll continue to be motivated and inspired until you realise your ultimate goals.


No talking yourself out of training either, as I'll turn up with my bag of motivation which is sometime lacking when you visit a gym.


Bottom line


To enjoy all the above benefits, hire the best fitness coach in the Leeds and Bradford area. Check out my 5 star google reviews and get in touch with me to arrange a no pressure free consultation and judge me for yourself.


I've vast experience in the fitness industry and have trained and transformed 100’s of individuals like you.  I’m your one stop mobile health and fitness coach, the new you starts now.