Richard Peel The Fitness Coach

As your fitness coach I will be with you every step of the way in your fitness journey, helping transform your physique and or your athletic performance. Setting you goals so you are constantly working harder and reaching further.  Let me draw out of you what you think you are not capable of doing, with personalised programme designs, nutritional guidance, corrective exercise, even injury rehabilitation I'm your one stop, new body shop.


Why a Fitness Coach?

Whilst a fitness coach and personal trainer have similar characteristics. A fitness coach not only provides the same service but actually goes a little further through building an actual personal relationship with you, the client. Their goal is to reach out to you on a mental, physical and social level; like a teacher to work hand in hand with you to achieve the fit body that you want. 


A personal trainer will make sure that you get the work done whilst a fitness coach takes into responsibility your own goals and makes them his too.


A fitness coach is experienced in all aspects of health and fitness. So whether you are wanting to build muscle, lose weight, are recovering from injury or you are training for a specific sporting event; a fitness coach has the knowledge and expertise to get you there.


A Personal trainer will train you, a fitness coach will train you and educate you. A fitness coach will always be there for you in whatever health journey you chose, through communication, education, passion and knowledge.


After all a health and fitness journey isn't just an hour long training session once a week, it needs to be a mind and body lifestyle commitment forever.


Working with a fitness coach will help you achieve your goal.