KO8 from Richard Peel the Fitness Coach

KO8 is an evolutionary training system like no other; whilst relatively new to the fitness world, KO8 is definitely no fad or gimmick.

TRX the suspension trainer took the fitness world by storm a few years ago and is now seen in gyms globally and everyone knows that resistance bands have stood the test of time for numerous years now.

So enter the KO
8! As a fitness coach I've seen fitness fads come and go over the years and as one of only a handful of certified KO8 instructors in the UK I can honestly say this small compact unit is an absolute game changer that is definitely here to stay.

Combining suspension AND resistance, it's compact AND versatile; this really is your portable gym.

Whether you want to lengthen or strengthen; work on your mobility or endurance you can do the lot with the KO

Be it from a door, tree, lamppost, playground swing; even your partner, this little beast is the works and the possibilities are endless.

As a mobile fitness coach a couple of my clients are already hooked on the KO
8 and I'm sure you will be too.

For you doubters or home birds that don't like the gym environment and think that treadmills, rowers, dumbells and barbells are what you need to get in shape, then think again.

The KO
8 is here and is going to be utilised by me to its full potential.