Why a mobile personal trainer?

The role of a mobile personal trainer is to come to you in the comfort of your preferred training environment, whether that would be your own home, garden, local park or wherever suits you. 


Many feel intimidated by the gym environment yet are desperate for a lifestyle change. Having an understanding,  knowledgeable personal trainer coming to you and training you in your safe environment will help break down your boundaries. 


You have no need to worry about needing equipment as I will provide everything, as well as a friendly smile and bundles of enthusiasm.


So what happens on our first meeting.... well, I will have a chat with you to discuss your previous exercise history, injuries past or present, exercise likes and dislikes,along with your daily routines etc. 


You will be asked to perform a few basic fitness assessments so that i can gauge your current fitness level. This is nothing to worry about and for example could include a one minute sit up and a one minute push-up test. But don't panic I will adjust your assessment to what I think will be appropriate to you. I will then proceed to chat to you about other areas of your life (to get the full picture of you) such as daily nutrition, sleeping patterns, working life etc.


I won't put you under any pressure and this consultation is totally free, I will then go away to leave you to decide if I would be the right trainer for you.  If you then decide to team up with me I will take all of the above into consideration and I will then design a bespoke personal training programme that fits in with your current fitness levels and work with you towards your goals in an achievable and sustainable manner. 


One thing is a must for me, as I'm extremely passionate in what I do. I ask you to be 100% committed when you start your fitness journey. I will be honest with you from day one and 100% committed to your goal, I just want your total commitment back.

I am not a trainer that just wants to take your hard earned money, I'm a trainer who demands hard work and results. Like your decision to choose me as your trainer, I can also decide if I think we will be suitable for each other. I only want to train individuals who truly want to be trained.

If you want a personal trainer who's fun, professional, knowledgeable and will work with you with a progressive enjoyable programme that will get you results, then I'm your man. If you want a trainer who just gives you a workout then I would look elsewhere.

Thanks for taking time to read this I promise you won't be disappointed if you choose me as your personal trainer.

Choosing a personal training package, not only saves you money but commits you to your new fitness regime.


 Personal Training Packages