Natural gains


You know what really gets my goat in the gym environment; the assisted gym goer. I'm not against the use of such substances but it does get to me when naive onlookers watch these people train then go to them for advice with regards their diets, training regime etc. just admit it and tell us all how you've managed to change so quickly and gain all your weight, because I know. Oh sorry you've upped your creatine and you are eating tons.


Well I'm here to tell onlookers the truth and I'm prepared for the typical responses 'just because you are on steroids doesn't mean you don't work hard' and 'steroids don't just make you big, you still have to work' - that's not what I'm saying.




There is without a doubt a huge difference in the performance and appearance of someone who is 'juicing' and someone who is not. My argument is this, if you are on the gear (juicing) then own up to it. Stop filling the young and impressionable lads with the garbage you tell them about how you have altered your diet and upped your protein, because it really is a load of crap. Oh and stop going round boasting about hard work and commitment and your rigid new lifestyle that's full of sacrifices and compromises.


Let me stress again, if you want to take steroids, it’s none of my business. Just don’t try to say that they don’t make a lot of difference, or that most of your success is due to training and eating correctly when it clearly isn’t.


So to the onlookers, if you do decide to go down the steroid route, own up to it that's all i ask and don't lie about the gains you make. After all to put on so much muscle size in such a short space of time is physiologically impossible, unless you are a newbie trainer and you start in your natural testosterone fuelled years where your gains could be quite impressive.


With a structured programme and a dedicated diet you could possibly build (and these are NATURAL gains) in your first year of training between 20-30 pounds of muscle. Year 2 a possible 10-12 pounds. Year 3 a possible 5-8 pounds and year 4 a possible 3-6 pounds.


The subsequent training years after this good quality muscle gains will slow down so no matter what you do naturally, your potential is limited. Even if you have fantastic genetics your muscle gains will still be limited; weight gain of fat yes, but muscle no.


Here's the statistics:


Average Natural MAN: a total of about 40-50 pounds of muscle in their life.

Average Natural WOMAN: a total of about 20-25 pounds of muscle in their life.


This is what I am getting at; so those of you at the gyms who have put on 1 or 2 or 3 stone of natural muscle in a year, if you are a young newbie doing everything right, then that's feasible. Otherwise I'm here to tell the naive onlookers you are lying, as it's scientifically been proven that that amount of muscle is impossible.


The weight gain though is possible naturally, as the majority of it will be fat.


So please fellas, by all means do the roids route; but when asked be honest and tell people you're a juicer.