Personal training for kids


Not only is obesity becoming an epidemic throughout the country in adults, but it is also being seen more in the younger population. At schools very little activity takes place these days, one maybe two physical education lessons all week. Attended by probably 30 or more pupils with one teacher.


Only 20% of pupils nationwide participate in after school activities, most prefer to get straight home where their games consoles or ipad awaits, to which they sit some more. Crisps, biscuits and sweets are consumed to pacify them, before a tea of their choice is served up, this usually consists of something far from nutritious. 

Childhood obesity is becoming a scary statistic; diabetes and other health related diseases which were usually confined to the older generation are now rife amongst school children. With a lack of education in lifestyle choices, nutrition guidance, physical exercise etc this epidemic is certainly set to rise. Nutritional and exercise knowledge is lacking in the majority of households throughout the uk and needs to be addressed as soon as possible, to stop literally this ever growing nation growing even more.


Our children need to be shown the right and wrong with regards to exercise and nutrition during their influential growing and learning years. Most children I know very rarely listen to their parents and parents also believe that this type of education should come from their schooling, but it doesn't. 

I will influence your children into activity which amongst today's obesity epidemic can only help. You personally might not be concerned with living a healthy lifestyle but please don't deny your children the pleasure. I will take the strain from you and through enjoyable exercise educate your children into a healthier future, maybe then they'd enjoy educating you.


Your childrens personal training session can be done wherever you desire and with you present. It will involve basic exercises to get them fully aware again of their movement capabilities, whilst through their play, nutrition will be thrown into the equation. 


If you are concerned about your child's non existent exercise habits and their already inadequate lifestyle at a young age; why not let me try to help, it might be able to help you too. 

I offer free consultations where you can all meet me. I want to engrain healthy lifestyles into everyone and where better to start than with influential young people.


Whether your child wants to excel in sport, gain confidence in their athletic abilities or just get fit and healthy, I have the skills to help. Call me and let's see what a difference I can make.