Personalised Programme Design

Programme design for everyone.


Let me know your training goals, strengths and weaknesses, injuries past and present; the equipment and time available to you each week then let me design a training regime specifically for you.

Be as honest and accurate as you can with your answers please, that way I can be accurate with your requirements.

I'm passionate about my training and equally as passionate when designing programmes for my clients. For this reason I will give you ongoing support via email, text or phone.

All I ask is that you be as commited to your new training regime as I will be writing it. If you are committed you will get results; that is a promise.

I don't train people who are half hearted, nor will I write them a programme. So make sure you are ready to commit.


Please email me to introduce yourself, copy the questions below into your email and provide me with the answers; the more you tell me about yourself the better chance we have of succeeding together.



Work - sedentary or active


Training goals

How many years of training experience

Have you any physical limitations, injuries etc

Exercises you like... give reason why

Exercises you dislike... give reason why

Days per week available to train

How long you would like your training sessions to last each time

Equipment available to you

What is the reason (s) why you are now wanting to change



A six week progressive personalised training programme is available for £25.


Example of a four day week programme (first two days)