Pointless abs workout


This is just something that during my years of training and observing you see in the gyms day in and day out, larger overweight people battering their abdominals with numerous sets of crunches, medicine ball twists and leg raises to try and uncover their buried six pack abs when in reality if we are being perfectly honest it's probably a waste of time.



How often do you hear someone at the end of the workout say something like I need to do more abs, I want to get a six-pack. The truth is that not trying to get a six-pack is a better way to get a six-pack than six hundred sit-ups. The key to abdominal definition is the visibility of the abdominal musculature, not the strength of the muscles. You can do one million sit-ups, crunches or whatever exercise you want and it will have no effect on abdominal definition.


The best exercise for abs which a lot more of us should do is an exercise called the table push-away. If you really want to see your abs, push the stuff on your table away, abs really are made in the kitchen and not in the gym. What we put in our mouths shapes our abs. Fat not just around the tummy but everywhere on your body is there by consuming too many calories, until this issue is addressed, you can do your weekly abs blast with no or very limited results.


Abdominal work will not reduce the fat on your waistline you cannot target specific body parts to lose fat, a good overall body workout is and always will be the key to fat loss and the emergence of your hidden abs


Want better abdominal definition? Finish every workout with some hard interval training instead of extra sit-ups or crunches. Interval training or what is currently called High Intensity Interval Training (abbreviated HIIT) is the real key to fat loss and the resulting definition. Interval training burns more calories than steady state aerobic training and because it is s sprint program you get a sprinters body.


Abdominal training might reduce the diameter of your waistline but will do very little to reduce bodyfat. Abdominal work should be more core focused. A strong core (strong abs) is one of the keys in the prevention of  back pain. A strong core will help you look better and improve performance in a host of sports but, sit-ups or any other abdominal exercise will not reduce bodyfat.  The fact of the matter is that crunches will lead to back pain long before they lead to visual abs.


Another good tip; don’t do crunches. A good abdominal or core program is a lot more than crunches. Most of your core work should be isometric exercises like front planks and side planks or carries like Suitcase carries. One of the major functions of the core musculature is the prevention of motion. What does that mean? It means that the abdominals are great stabilizers. Work on the stability function, not on flexion and extension.


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