Pre and post event massage

Pre-Event Sports MassageAims & Benefits:


   - stimulates the flow of nutrients and blood to muscles


   - produces a mental confidence caused by physiological stimulation


   - a pre-event massage can significantly improve any referee's warm up


   - reduces mental tension before competition


   - massage increases circulation reducing the chance of injury


Post-Event Sports MassageAims & Benefits:


   - should be short and direct lasting for approximately 10-15 minutes


   - it usually focuses on the areas specific to the areas that have just been worked


   - post massage utilizes compression, compressive and petrissage techniques to spread and ease muscle tension


   - post-event massage is thought to significantly expedite muscle recovery and reduce muscle spasms


   - full range of motion is a main objective while increased blood flow to muscles after an game is another benefit


   - a shorter recovery time and a significant decrease in D.O.M.S (delayed onset muscle soreness)


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