Sports Massage Therapy

PLEASE NOTE that Sports Massage Therapy is currently restricted, but when lockdown eases is an excellent alternative to other more invasive procedures when it comes to treatment of postural dysfunctions and body asymmetries. While the bones in our body are considered the building blocks, it is what is connecting them to each other that we rely on to have proper function and posture.


Symmetry of muscles which allows fascial tension and joint mobility are all necessary to achieve appropriate posture and function. It is not until we develop habits and behaviors as we progress through life that we normally begin to deviate from proper function and posture.




Our bodies were made to move as a muscular unit, one muscle depending upon another muscle for coordination and strength.  If one muscle malfunctions and is either too weak or too tight this can cause a chain reaction throughout the body, creating pain and discomfort in the areas of imbalance. Once those imbalances are identified, exercises to balance these muscles can be instructed and used, therefore helping by eliminating abnormal stresses on the bones and joints of the body, relieving pain or discomfort


Sports Massage is a very effective procedure for releasing tension and reinstating balance to the musculoskeletal system. It is invaluable to an athlete’s preparation and recovery, stopping injury and helping to achieve optimum performance. It also has benefits for each and every one of us, athlete or not.


Sports Massage can help to reduce tiredness/fatigue, alleviate swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility, prevent injury and prepare the body for performance. Typically, it is used before or after an athletic or other sporting event, although many athletes use Sports Massage Therapy regularly as a necessary part of their training routine.





Increased flexibility:


Massage stretches muscle tissue in a multidirectional manner, both longitudinally and laterally. It can also have a similar effect on the muscular sheath and surrounding fascia, allowing a beneficial release of stored tension and pressure.


Scar tissue realignment:


Each and every time a muscle receives trauma or injury, scar tissue is formed which can affect the muscle itself as well as the tendons and ligaments. If not treated correctly at the time of injury this scar tissue can form haphazardly, resulting in the potential for long term inflexibility issues. Massage assists in realigning the scar tissue formation and reduces the likelihood of subsequent injury and/or pain.


Enhanced micro circulation:


Massage enhances the blood flow to the tissues of the target muscles in a similar manner to exercise. In addition to this massage also causes blood vessels to dilate enabling oxygen and nutrients to pass through more readily.


Physiological Benefits:


Inhibition of pain; a combination of tension and waste products within a muscle can often result in the sensation of pain. Massage lessons this painful feeling by it's ability to reduce tension and remove waste products. It also encourages the release of endorphins. I also stimulates a relaxation response and creates an environment whereby heat generation, enhanced circulation and increased flexibility are all promoted. All of these factors play a role in stimulating mechanoreceptors in the body and create relaxation.


Psychological Benefits:


Massage introduces reduced anxiety levels through stimulating a relaxation response. Massage has the additional benefit of lowering anxiety levels, creating a mood enlightening experience. If the sports massage is completed utilising brisk movements prior to a sporting event then it can create an invigorating bodily response.

Enhanced tissue permeability:


Massage causes the tissue membrane pores to widen, allowing fluids and nutrients to pass through more readily. This enables waste products such as lactic acid to be removed rapidly and creates an environment whereby oxygen and nutrients are quickly delivered to the target muscles, allowing an enhanced recovery.

Some of the general enhancements sports massage can offer:


  • Increase sporting performance

  • Maintain the human body in a healthy condition

  • Prevent injuries and inflexibility

  • Reduce the recovery period following an injury

  • Physical Benefits