'You know when I finish work tonight I'm going to walk straight past the shop and not pick up that bottle of wine and as soon as I get home I'm going to plate myself a nice healthy green leaf chicken salad then do my half hour home workout; intensely of course (the one kindly written for me by the lovely Richard from bodyworks). I'm then going to sit down and eat my tea and so it saves time, prepare all my food for tomorrow and not forget to fill my 2 litre bottle with water, which I must remember to drink throughout the day'.


You've arrived home, bag clanked on the work top, your left hand naturally goes to the top drawer for the bottle opener. Glug, glug, actually another glug it's been a hard day after all. You trundle up stairs to put your comfies on, when the other half shouts up ' what we ordering tonight love?. I'm up for a pizza if you are, I've set emmerdale recording so no rush, oh and this big bottle of full sugar coke is nearly empty, I'll through it out'.


The evil of your inner monster triumphs again!! Whatever happened to the good will always overcome evil eh?


You are not alone we all have hidden demons and issues, yet it's learning how to overcome and fight against these demons; the ones that seem to be exercising control in our lives. Life is a continuing battle of will, the will to succeed. No one ever truly wants to fail, yet so many of us lack the determination or have the desire or motivation to battle along with it. Life (like in the song) is truly a roller coaster, with so many emotional ups and downs, twists and turns, yet it's how we ride this ride that will determine our success.


Our mind is the controller of us, our mind can be our best friend or our greatest enemy. Our mind and our thoughts are the only things that will make us do or not do the things we truly want to. There may be influences in life, good and bad, but we are still in full control and we do have a choice, so choose to get that control back once and for all.



Stop blaming others

Are you the one who sits at home, has no enthusiasm or motivation, you only go to work because you know you have to, you really only do the things you do under complete duress; doing things is what you hate most of all. You hate the way you look and feel about yourself, you have that Jekyll and Hyde monster lurking inside, arguing with you about your every decision. The evil and the good; the evil dominating your every choice, toying with your every thought. You know you shouldn't, but yet you always do, you are constantly sat there contemplating with yourself.

So many individuals try to blame others for their failures 'well it's him or it's her, I really wanted that salad for tea but he made me eat that pizza, if they hadn't have ordered it I wouldn't have eaten it. As for the wine, I don't know why I bought it , I think it's just a habit now (an auto pilot thin), finish work, shop, home and I knew he'd have a can in his hand, can't watch him drinking when I'm not'.


Why do you need to have someone to blame, just take responsibility for your own actions and work on fixing the problem. If you really want to change you can and will, yes it is an uphill battle but we all have to conquer hills at some point. We need to go up to reach the top, I know going up is always harder, especially if it's an untrodden path. Just put one foot in front of the other, don't look back, as every foot moved further in front is the step in the right direction. Moving you towards and further away from where you begun.




I know everyone's circumstances are different and how outside vectors have massive influences on how and what we do, but ultimately the deciding factor will always boil down to whatever decision you choose to make, it is always going to be yours. Stand up and be counted, change you for you and stop the blame game. Be 100% committed to change and watch your other issues fall into place. I believe if you address one key issue in your life, it will act like a skeleton key and open up so many other doors.


My main aim is to offer you guidance into a new healthier lifestyle and I'm not too naive to realise a lifestyle change for many of us (especially those who are scared of change) is going to be easy, because it's not going to be easy. I too have encountered ups and downs and battled through adversity, this is why I am so passionate with regards to how health and fitness, once engrained into someone's lifestyle, can and will have a positive effect.


Contact me and let me guide you into a healthier you; eat well, be well. Train well, train hard. Eat well, train well = new lifestyle = new you. I will be 100% with you every step of the way but in return I demand 100% commitment from you; let's climb that hill together!!