The importance of correct form


Probably many of you are wondering what gives me the authority to write about the things that I have, to pass comment etc. I believe we are all entitled to our opinions and an opinion is something I've always had. I've always been a thinker but never a doer; lack of confidence has always held me back, yet with so much passion for health and fitness burning inside me I need to put myself out there to offer my experience and knowledge to anyone who'll listen. Something I never did, yet so wish Ihad.


In my typical won't listen to any advice influential growing years, I've always been energetic, always trained and kept myself healthy. I got offered advice from someone once 'carry on lifting like that young en and you will seriously injury yourself'.

Whatever I thought, who's he to tell me that, I'm young fit and healthy. Look at him hobbling about, obviously he doesn't know, if so why is he injured. I'm going to continue exercising the way I do, I won't end up like him, I feel great.


Oh how I wish I'd listened, don't get me wrong I'm in better shape now at 47 than I ever have been. I've played sport at all levels, could bench and shoulder press over 1.5 times my bodyweight, could drink with the best of them. Represented my county on the running track and have a best 1hr.17 min for a half marathon.


Yet injuries have plagued me.There's not a minute in any day when I do not hear that voice 'carry on lifting like that young en and you will seriously injure yourself'.


From herniated lumbar discs, ACL  knee construction, rotator cuff tears, and so many other soft tissue related injuries than you can imagine. I am a living example of someone who should have listened to someone a lot more experienced than himself.


Isn't hindsight fantastic? If only I'd have listened, I wonder how many of us are actually saying that.


Anyway, sorry to waffle and on to the main reason I'm writing this. It's really to anyone out there who wants to listen before it's too late like it was for me. Anyone who wants to be guided into correct lifting techniques and minimise the risk of injuries, I promise without a shadow of doubt you will sustain. I know you won't believe me, until it happens.


I'm not a self conceited person by any stretch of the imagination. But I (like I've written a previous article about) have learnt by my mistakes and desperately want to help others eradicate theirs before the inevitable. We all believe we are infallible with youth, mobility energy and enthusiasm. This will become your nemesis without experienced guidance.


We all believe we do everything correctly (I did) yet I wasn't; now fast forward 20 years, I wish I'd have listened and been corrected.


There is one positive I can take from all my setbacks; I've learnt so much. I've always been a sponge with regards fitness. I've done more reading than you can imagine and educated myself.  I've done this to give me the pre requisites to be able to offer my years of life's experiences in different training environments to others, if their willing to listen and want change.

Whatever goals you have, be it running, football, rugby, netball, tennis, tiddlywinks; let me help you achieve them. You might have a nagging recurring injury caused through incorrect training techniques; whatever your goal or problem if it's fitness or healthy lifestyle related I'm on it. Don't leave it until it's too late (looking back in hindsight 20 years from now) and be the one of the so many 'I wish I'd have done it sooner' people out there.


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