Training mistakes



I know I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination you name it I've done it and done it wrong so many times. But it's all about living and learning. If we've made mistakes shouldn't we learn by them and try to never make them again.


Admitting to them has to be a key issue, some people never believe they are wrong, these people always know better and will never admit to their mistakes. They are blinkered; believing their way is the only way. It's their way or the highway.


So many of us sit back and analyse whats going on around, yet how many of us actually sit back and analyse ourselves? Most are too bothered what he or she is doing to take stock of their own situation.


Watching and commenting on other people's mistakes and misdoings whilst missing the bigger picture of their own.


There's something about being human that makes us hesitate to admit fault; even when it's obvious to us, we still pretend nothing's happened and hope no one else has noticed. When the truth of the matter is, others did notice, yet we as the individual continue denying it to ourselves. Who wants to admit to their mistakes if they think they can get away with it.


Be you a man or woman, take stock of the situation, you are so easy to chastise and criticise others for their short comings and misdemeanours and so quick to pounce on their mistakes.


Well for once admit to being wrong, please just admit to the mistakes that you know you are making. As the people you are looking on at are also looking on at you. Stop being blinkered, own it and fix it.


This situation is so often seen in the gym environment, onlookers scrutinising the guy in the squat racks lifting technique, telling his mate 'that weight is way too heavy he's going no where near parallel' and 'call that a shoulder press' 'light and right mate light and right'. To which onlookers are watching him bicep curl (or try to bicep curl) 60 kg, no recruitment whatsoever of his bicep, but a fantastic standing hip thrust. 'light en right mate light en right'.



You see we are all guilty of picking fault, but are we actually perfect, the answer to that is an obvious resounding no. This is where we need to analyse ourselves for our mistakes, after all everybody we see are making theirs, so to them we must be too. Which we know anyway, but are we brave enough to own up, after all everyone else knows, there is only us pretending we don't.


Our mistakes in the gym could be costing us big time, from no change whatsoever in appearance or performance, no increase in strength or body composition; even weight gain or weight loss, training mistakes have caused us to plateau; or worse still caused an injury.



I can't speak for the ladies here, although I'm sure in goes on in their heads too. But for fellas it's the amount of weight on the bar, especially if the gym is full, they pack the weight on, make so many mistakes trying to execute the lift, yet think they performed it perfectly.


These are the guys who talk a good game yet always look the same. These are the ones who won't admit to mistake as they always know best, who've never stepped back to take a look at theirselves and correct the mistakes they know they are making. The mistakes that are costing them progression. Regress to progress!!


You probably think this isn't aimed at you, well it is. We are all guilty of mistakes in life as well as the gym. Admit to them, don't blame your stagnation on situations around you. You are making the mistake, no one else is. Stop being so ego driven, take stock and correct them.


You know you want to improve so let's try eradicate your training mistakes together.


Let my eyes be you, watching you, I might be all you need to see yourself into improvement. Contact me for a free consultation. Lets take your training beyond what you think is achievable and correct those chronic mistakes.