Strength training as we age

Not only have I trained myself for many years but many others too. I understand the ageing process and the aching joints. The way we have to put our own health on the back burner, concentrating on work and family commitments. Then the time comes, they leave home, the house is empty and quiet. You are lost; what do you do, no kids to argue with, just the other half who's slumped in the chair watching tv, munching through hobnobs.

Ahh you think , let's book a holiday, just the two of us, it's been a while since you've been away together.  So you go upstairs and pull the summer clothes out, the ones you've not worn for a few years. 

That's when it hits home; you try to slip your summer shorts on, just managing to get them over your thighs, but fastening them is not going to happen. You glance up thinking someone's watching you but it's the mirror, that larger than life figure staring back with shorts half open, your favourite family holiday shorts, is you!! 

The comfort of family life routine has piled on the pounds. That's it you say to yourself it's time for me. It's time for me to get rid of this jelly belly, but where do you start, you've not exercised in years and that Jane Fonda DVD got thrown out a long time ago. 

Well you start by contacting me, someone who knows what you need and how to get you into your holiday clothes quickly. An experienced trainer, who not only knows how to train, but who is also experienced in the workload of life. I will guide you in the right direction saving you lots of wasted energy trying to figure out the mine field of exercise choices.

I've proven methods of training that work, they go way beyond cardio machines and rowers, I have trained many years and seen fitness fads come and go. Keeping muscle, building muscle, is the way to torch your body fat, as well as protect your joints. Let me explain...


Weight training trumps running, biking or other aerobic type workouts for both fat loss and improved strength. Strength and keeping hold of our muscle is vitally important as we age, after all what holds us upright and moves us around our muscles. 

The riskiest phase of a new exercise program in middle age is when you are just starting out. How fit are you? Not remembering how fit you used to be, when was the last time you trained seriously? These questions need to be asked to know where to begin. 

Do you have any mobility or range of motion problems to deal with, you might have had surgery or be suffering with shoulder or lower back issues. Your weight may be an issue and you may have received medical advice to take up exercise.

A lot of middle aged people seem to forget they are not in their twenties anymore and so embark on a fitness campaign not really suited to them. Training differs slightly as we age, yet we can still get some fantastic results. Maybe you have trained a lot of years doing the same old, same old and just need a fresh impetus.


I can help re-educate you back into a line of training to suit you. I've got the years of training experience, as well as the years of life experience that you need to be confident in your ability to get back into shape and help gain that confidence.


You also don't need the gym environment to do all this, just a bit of dedication and commitment and someone who's going through what you are going through to point you in the right direction. The benefits to getting or keeping fit as we age are too numerous to mention.

Getting properly assessed and being given a correct training method is invaluable. There are so many training methods that have been written, yet not so many for the ageing population. As we age we all are different, there very few of us who haven’t got an injury somewhere and whilst many programmes are written, they are not tailored to the individual with their unique problems. What works for one, does not always work for another and certainly not as we age, while exercise is fantastic, not all types of exercise are suitable for everyone.

You need a thorough assessment then the correct exercises to suit the unique you. This is invaluable as we age. Having a personal trainer looks like an extravagance on paper, but in the true reality of live what is more important than the quality of your life? I will get you to where you want to go so much quicker than going it alone; that is a promise.

I've trained people of all ages but my passion is helping people gain back the fitness that they thought had eluded them. From writing training programmes, to one on one training sessions, what is one man’s food is another man’s poison; the same applies to exercises choices, more so as we age.

Give me a call if your health and fitness are of a concern to you, I know I will be able to help.