Personalised Training Programmes


How much do you spend a month on your health or are you one of those people who doesn't  value it until it's too late? Maybe you buy supplements and spend excessive amounts of money while seeing little results. The truth of the matter is people are suckered into wasting money on these said products by false advertising when really their money would be much better spent on an personalised training plan; exercise with correct eating habits should be everybody's staple diet.


It's up to you what you do with your money and you can continue flushing it down the toilet, or you can invest in your health more wisely. You'd be surprised at the results you'd get through correct nutrition and training. Invest your money wisely and stop wasting it. Supplements are there to supplement diet and training, not replace it like so many do. Let me coach you for a month and see how different you feel. Me instead of supplements, it's no brainier.


Whatever your training or fitness goals are, having a properly structured programme for your individual needs is a massive step for you to attain your goal.  We can get programmes from magazines or websites, even from our colleagues which look good on paper, the biggest downside to these is that they are written for the masses and not designed specifically for you.

All our lifestyles and habits are different, therefore our training needs differ, from gaining muscle to weight loss or even just to get toned, I hate the word toned. You maybe carrying an injury or have a particular weakness. This is why a personalised programme written solely for you is the key to a successful outcome. 

Ideally as a coach, training you one to one is the ultimate option, where lifting technique, motivation, progressions or regressions to your exercises can take place immediately. Yet to lots this isn't viable, one to one training can become expensive some even find being watched and constantly monitored intimidating. 

This is when a personalised programme is the answer. Written for you, you can take it with you to any gym, even workout at home at your convenience. You just wouldn't have me there breathing down your neck.

Ideally if possible a consultation would still take place so we both get to meet each other where we'd discuss your lifestyle and aims, more importantly though to see whether we could work together. I only write programmes for individuals who are 100% committed to change.  I have a proven track record for writing structured programmes that get results, just remember you still need to put in the work, your body transformation won't just happen.

Training isn't easy, I won't lie to you and say it is, nor is there a quick fix. 

Just put in the time the effort with the workout template written for you, results will follow. Get in touch for a chat, what have you to lose?