Women and strength training



Why is it as soon as you mention weight training to women they scorn and grimace and immediately tell you they don't want to get big muscles, because if they stop training it will just turn to fat; no ladies it won't. Although, if you've built a fantastic athletic physique (like you would training with me) that means you've taken the time and effort to eat and train correctly and been dedicated to your goal; your muscle will not turn to fat.


But, if you did stop training and decided to sit watching Jeremy Kyle, eating Cheerios for breakfast and become a couch potato, obviously those extra calories would mount up and gain you weight. 

The strange thing is, when we train well we seem to eat well and the same seems to happen in reverse. If we don't have a purpose, as in we don't have the enthusiasm or motivation to train anymore, our other lifestyle habits seem to change and our diet seems to take the full brunt of it. What's the point in eating healthy if we are not training.


This is where the myth comes from; it's not the fact the muscle you gained turned to fat, it's the fact you've become lazy and started eating unhealthily, hence the weight gain. Fat cells and muscle cells have a totally different structure, ladies you will not get big and muscular. You need to resistance train and please don't be scared, I promise you will not get big.


Muscle is a live tissue which raises metabolism; this is because muscles requires calories even at rest i.e. even when you are asleep your muscles are burning calories as they have to do so to survive. Fat on the other hand just sits there; this means that the more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you are constantly burning with no extra effort at all. 


Also you will be glad to hear that because of a womans physiological make up it is impossible for you to gain muscle mass the same way as a man (unless obviously you go down the cheat route of steroids) as you have 15-20 times less testosterone in your bodies naturally. However, intense weight training will elevate your growth hormone which burns fat in our bodies. I won't lie, growth hormone will build muscle but it has a much greater impact on fat loss.


So you scared ladies out there, you know who you are, the one who's done the 45 min treadmill run 3 times a week for 2 years yet still have the same body composition. Give your metabolism a massive boost and let me show you the art of resistance training, give those legs a rest from the pounding. Let's change your body composition together and turn you into a 24 hour fat burning tornado. Call me.